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Find your iconic style.

You know it when you see it. When an individual finds a hairstyle that is so singularly their own, it becomes iconic. We love studying iconic looks of the past and finding the styles of the future. We take that passion into each and every consultation at Push Push. Our goal is to help you discover a style that brings out the best in you, and has you feeling powerful, sharp, and fresh when you walk out the door.


We want our guests to feel welcome and leave empowered.

Owner Billy Keohane

Hair cuts on point, beard on point, staff on point. Top notch cuts, Billy had me walking out there looking crisp and fresh
— J Parks


Push Push operates according to the principles outlined here. Everything we do, from greeting guests to how we value our services, revolves around these guideposts.




Attention to detail in all aspects. We see to each and every hair on your head. We sweat the small stuff. It matters to us.



Our salon is a respite for the style-weary. A cool spot in a busy month. We craft the playlist; we craft the drinks. Come enjoy.



Our stylists undergo an intense training when they come on board, and continuing education thereafter. It's how we grow as artists.

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Join us in the salon.

Book an appointment to experience what's different about Push Push. Or, don't book an appointment – just drop by to enjoy the vibe, a drink, and the view. Our lounge is a welcoming, modern, and beautifully curated space. Need some #posh in your life? Swing by.


Relax in our open air lounge

Our deck is a modern, relaxing space to take a breath and enjoy the view. Our guests soak up the sunshine while waiting out salon processes, and we occasionally open it up for concerts, parties, and mingling.  Come see what the buzz is about. 



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