Push PUsh Salon Saint Augustine FL

Happy holidays from all of us here @ pushpush.
We hope you are all enjoying some time off with your loved ones.
As most of you know, Saturday the 21st was our final day in the salon..
Tyler and Josh have moved on up to North Carolina and are onto some really cool things and we will miss them dearly.
Billy has also moved on to a great opportunity here locally with the wonderful team at Mane De Leon Salon.
He will be doing his clients there and hopes to see you all in the new location located at 137 King St.
Appointments can be booked by calling 904. 824. 4247
This has been a wonderful place for all of us and we really enjoyed all of our time together with you here.

Wiliam Keohane
Thank you all so much for the opportunity to work with you and most importantly getting to know you.
It has been an honor and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kerastace at push push

Push Push Salon St. Augustine